About us

At the Data Science Institute (DSI), we research technologies at the convergence of Computer Science, Web Science and Artificial Intelligence to build a fundamental understanding of how information and knowledge are increasingly driving society through digital processes, and of the tools, techniques and principles supporting a data-enhanced world.


What is now DSI was originally started as a Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology (CSET) in 2003 with funding from Science Foundation Ireland under the name Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI). It has been part of the Insight Centre for Data Analytics since it was established in 2013 by Science Foundation Ireland, and also receives funding from EU Framework Programs, Enterprise Ireland, IRC, and industry. In 2014, it became an official research institute of the National University of Ireland Galway under the name Insight Research Institute. DSI took its current name in December 2017, to better reflect the range of research, development and outreach activities within in the institute.


The primary objective of DSI is to achieve excellence in research, leading to significant, positive impact on society. The institute, led by Mathieu d’Aquin, is managed through a lightweight structure with an executive committee, and the leaders of the research units operating in the institute.